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Ampoint lies at the intersection of I-80/90 and I-75, both major ground shipping arteries to the north, south, east and west.

Ampoint is located within minutes of the airfreight hub Toledo Express Airport and is in close proximity to a free trade zone, the international port of Toledo and major rail hubs.

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Ampoint's Mileage to:

New York, NY 578 Philadelphia, PA 514 Baltimore, MD 444
Harrisburg, PA 415 Pittsburgh, PA 228 Detroit, MI 59
Cleveland, OH 111 Columbus, OH 133 Cincinnati, OH 200
Louisville, KY 301 Indianapolis, IN 219 Chicago, IL 232
Buffalo, NY 298 Montreal, CAN 600 Toronto, CAN 285

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For information contact Mike Schlegel at 419-666-3222 or email at mschlegel@ampoint.com.